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A look back at the Bengals-Chargers 'Freezer Bowl'

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Light, wet snow looks to be the main weather feature for Chargers vs. Bengals on Sunday.  

Temperatures will stay at or below freezing all day and even though it is early in the forecast process it looks like the snow will accumulate during the game.

I will have to fine-tune the forecast as it gets closer.

No matter how nasty the weather gets Sunday, it will never rival the "Freezer Bowl" on January 10, 1982, which happens to be the last time San Diego was in Cincinnati for a playoff game.

The wind chill reached -59° during the game and the temperature never rose above zero. 

It was the coldest high temperature ever in Cincinnati up to that time. The wind chill was calculated using the formula in effect at the time.

Recent research revised the formula and today each of the wind chill values would be about 20 degrees warmer.

So if you are headed for PBS Sunday enjoy the game, go Bengals and remember it could be worse.

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