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LISTEN: Woman calls Tampa police over uncooked waffle

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Tampa police released a 911 call on Tuesday of a woman who called the police over an uncooked waffle.

The call was made on Jan 30. 2013 from the Village Inn near Fowler Avenue. The woman angrily tells the dispatcher that one of her waffles was uncooked, and the server refused to take it off her bill, and threatened to call police. The caller also says the server accused her of drinking.

The dispatcher tells the caller that her situation is not a criminal matter, but says she will send an officer to help resolve the situation.

Another caller dialed 911 after tripping over a wire, and seemed surprised when the dispatcher said they didn't need to file a police report over the incident.

According to Tampa Police, 50% of 911 calls are not emergencies. TPD encourages people who need to call them for non-emergency reasons to dial (813) 231-6130.


Dispatcher: Tampa Police 911, what is the location of your emergency?

Caller: Yes ma'am, I'm at the Village Inn.

Dispatcher: The Village Inn where?

Caller: It's located off of 30th.

Dispatcher: The one near Fowler?

Caller: Yes ma'am.

Dispatcher: Okay. What's going on there?

Caller: I guess he work here or whatever, they gave me some raw waffles, and I told him I don't want the waffles, could he take it off my bill, he's all, 'oh I can't take nothing off your bill, ma'am', but you sold me something that was uncooked, I'm already paying for the whole waffle that was uncooked, you want me to pay for the half a waffle too that was uncooked? No, he's all 'well I'll call the police, you been drinking alcohol', well come on bring me a breathalyzer and everything, I am ready.

Dispatcher: Okay...

Caller: I told him I would call the police for him. Come on! (bleep) come eat (bleep) come on, man!

Dispatcher: All right, I'll go ahead and uh, send an officer to help you all sort this out, okay, but just so you know, it's gonna be a civil matter between you and the business, but we can definitely come out there to, to (inaudible) the dispute.

Caller (speaking to someone else): She say it's a civil matter between you and the business, but they can do that there. (to dispatcher) Yes ma'am, thank you.

Dispatcher: All right, we'll get someone out there.

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